VAT Number Check Ireland

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a pivotal element of trade within the European Union (EU), impacting the flow of goods and services. For businesses, the validity of their VAT number is not just a compliance measure, but a safeguard against fines and a facilitator for smooth financial operations. Here, we delve into the intricacies of VAT number verification in Ireland and provide answers to common queries, helping you navigate the system with confidence.

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What is a VAT Number?

A VAT number is a distinct identifier given to businesses that are registered for VAT within the EU. It serves as the business’s VAT identity for invoicing and tax documents. In Ireland, a VAT number consists of the prefix IE, followed by eight numerical digits.

The Importance of VAT Number Verification

Verifying a VAT number is critical for several reasons:

  • Legal Compliance: It confirms that your business adheres to VAT regulations.
  • Fraud Prevention: It helps mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities which can have severe financial repercussions.
  • VAT Reclamation: It’s necessary for reclaiming any VAT that your business has incurred on EU purchases.

How to Verify a VAT Number in Ireland

Verification can be done through two primary channels:

  • VAT Information Exchange System (VIES): This online tool, provided by the European Commission, enables users to check the validity of a VAT number for any EU member state. Simply input the VAT number and the system will validate it, revealing the company’s name and address. Access the VIES website here.

  • Irish Revenue Commissioners’ Contact: For direct confirmation, reach out to the Irish Revenue Commissioners’ VAT registration unit. They can verify the VAT number’s authenticity and provide associated business details.

VAT Number Verification for Non-EU Businesses

Non-EU businesses engaging with EU customers may need to register for an Irish VAT number. The VIES platform also accommodates verification for these entities. Alternatively, the VAT registration unit of the Irish Revenue Commissioners can assist non-EU businesses with validation queries.

Consequences of Invalid VAT Numbers

Operating with an invalid VAT number can lead to severe repercussions, including:

  • Fines: Monetary penalties for non-compliance.
  • Back Taxes: Liability for unpaid taxes.
  • Legal Action: Potential for criminal charges in serious cases.

It is imperative for businesses to perform routine checks to ensure their VAT number remains valid and conforms to the latest regulations to avert these risks.


A valid VAT number is a cornerstone of legitimate business operations within the EU. Regular verification through reliable sources like VIES or the Irish Revenue Commissioners not only maintains regulatory compliance but also fortifies your business against fraud. Make VAT number verification an integral part of your business practice to ensure seamless transactions within the EU’s dynamic market environment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I check an Irish VAT number?

Yes, you can verify the validity of an Irish VAT number or one issued by any EU Member State / Northern Ireland. Use the VIES VAT number validation service provided by the European Commission. Select the relevant country from the drop-down menu and enter the number to be validated. Verify a VAT number on VIES.

How do I find the VAT number for a company?

A company’s VAT number is typically found on their invoices. All VAT-registered businesses must include their unique VAT registration number on invoices. If VAT is charged and no number is provided, contact the company directly. For further guidance, see how to check a VAT number.

How do I check if a supplier is VAT registered?

To check if a supplier is VAT registered, enter the VAT Number and/or part of the Trading Name in the search tool provided by the relevant VAT database or service. After searching, the system will return the results with the registration status.

What is a VAT number in Ireland?

A Value Added Tax Identification Number (VATIN) in Ireland is used for VAT purposes within the EU. It can be verified online at the EU’s official VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) website.